My First Blog Post…About Me (boring…)

My name is Michelle.  After moving back “home” from the South and quitting my job, I’m becoming a homemaker for the first time ever in my 30 years.  I have a husband and toddler and am pregnant with our second son, so I’m a bit behind the power curve.  Although I feel I’m coming into being a homemaker late since my son is a toddler and I’ve had a job my entire life, I’m going to give it my best to serve my family in this new capacity.  I’m a bit of an introvert but love deep conversations with people and getting to know them better.  I also thoroughly enjoy writing, so a blog is a great outlet for me.  This blog is, in fact, an assignment for my Public Relations in Agriculture class at Missouri State University, but I plan to continue it after the class.

Before my last business trip when I worked--I was sobbing like a baby!

Before my last business trip when I worked–I was sobbing like a baby!

I’m from a small town outside Springfield, Missouri and currently live in Springfield while my husband Jesse and I attend college at Missouri State University.  I have been married to my dear husband since October 2009, our first son Asher was born in August 2011, and we’re expecting our second son Silas in May–thank God we now live in a state where a midwife can legally assist in a home birth!  Jesse and I met while serving in the Army in Iraq in 2008 and both deployed a total of five times with the 101st Airborne Division.  We lived in the Fort Benning, Georgia area until early January 2013 for 3 1/2 years where I worked as an analyst on base and my husband was last stationed before being medically retired from the Army.

I grew up on a small, family-owned farming operation and spent most of my youth raising calves, milking cows, working hayfields and riding horses.  I also played every sport possible from gymnastics to football (one season when I was 12) from five years old through my first run at college then-Central Missouri State University where I played volleyball.  My husband did not grow up on a farm and lacks the passion for farming I have, but I love him all the same if not more because of this.

I am passionate about Jesus–learning more about Him and striving to be a little bit like Him (failing miserably at it each day).  My family and I attend Redeemer Church in Springfield and are quickly becoming attached to it, though we’ve only been living here a few weeks.  I love my family and serving them in the best way I possibly can.  Since I’ve worked most of my life and not had the opportunity to be a housewife, I’m still learning how to be a homemaker essentially.  As a bit of a perfectionist, I worry I will fail, but I know I must extend some grace to myself because being a homemaker is not an easy job–funny, I always assumed it would be before I had a family!

I love real foods and am an avid reader of many bloggers who prescribe to a “real food” philosophy.  My family eat grass-fed meat, pastured eggs, anything I can grow and as much local/organic produce as possible, and we only drink real (raw) milk.  We recently purchased a house in town and are in the middle of renovating it, so my passion for homesteading has yet to be fulfilled until we can get settled in for awhile.  I will have a garden starting this spring and plan to raise chickens then as well.  My family and I are fairly new to the world of budgeting (Dave Ramsey style), and with me being home, I’m “in control” of ours (yikes!).

I have so many passions that I will definitely be discussing in posts, which I believe are interrelated and point back to my faith in Jesus.  I look forward to researching and writing about these passions to develop “cyber relationships” (excuse the weird title please) with other homemakers.  I hope to impart a bit of knowledge to any women stepping up to the challenges and joys of becoming a homemaker for the first time and [more so] glean knowledge from seasoned homemakers.




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