Five interesting things from our guest speakers

We had two guest speakers, Ozarks Farm and Neighbor Publisher Lynzee Glass & Springfield Leather Company Facebook Manager Christy Diebold (I don’t believe this is her title, but this is the position she holds that she basically briefed), for our class during our teacher’s, Jaime Johansen, absence on 2-6-2013.

Ozarks Farm and Neighbor site

Ozarks Farm and Neighbor site

  I enjoyed hearing them speak and share how public media–Facebook in particular–shaped the organizations they work for and even provided them chances to excel or create attention to the companies that employ them.  As part of last week’s assignment, I was to collect the top five fun facts I took away from the class, which are (plus one additional):

  1. It can take a lot of work convincing your boss of the necessity of Facebook and blogging, etc. for the business to grow
  2. Such a quick expansion can come from using free social networking for businesses
  3. You don’t need articles all the time in business posts; pictures and questions engaging your fans generates a ton of attention from your followers
  4. The admin site for business on Facebook is way cooler than the normal user’s version
  5. You have to have a personal Facebook account to setup a business account
  6. Springfield Leather Company uses [I think annoying little] Chihuahuas as mascots very uniquely and successfully through YouTube videos

    Springfield Leather Company Chihuahua mascot

    Springfield Leather Company Chihuahua mascot

I learned a lot about how to create a “following” on Facebook.  Since then I have noticed how individuals I’m friends with who operate a small business or service have been able to expand their following.  Very interesting…and most importantly, very free!




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