Three things I learned from FarmNWife’s blog

Unfortunately, I missed class last week when the FarmNWife blogger Judi Graff came to give us tips on writing blogs and offered critiques for each student’s blog.  Asher ended up with strep throat and I had to stay home with him. I’ll be writing an entry about this episode in my next blog.  I’ve been studying FarmNWife’s blog and came up with the top three things I learned from her blog and how I can apply them to my own.

Writing short blog posts.  If you’ve read any of my other [meatier] posts, you would know I tend to be long-winded when I write.  I realize if I would write shorter posts I could write more often.  In her post “11 Ways to Speed Blog,” Judi prescribes how a person short on time can still make time to post blogs through “speed blogging”—something homemakers/bloggers desperately need to know how to do!  I honestly don’t know how women with five or more kids (including a newborn) who homeschool and prepare everything have time to blog!  In addition to busy housewives, business owners—particularly small businesses or those just starting out—can benefit from speed blogging since their mission should be promoting their business through blogs, which requires a lot of time that the small business may not have.

Out of the list of suggestions she offered, I see myself doing list posts, product reviews, “on the farm roundups”, and pictures.  All of these are appealing and seem fairly easy to me.  The key thing I have to remember is to not get so wrapped up around covering every angle.  I also need to explore the idea of truly journaling my daily life occasionally, which is something I shy away from because I feel people really don’t want to hear about my daily happenings.  One suggestion I’ve done somewhat with posts is “write what you know”.  This is easy for me, but I often feel I don’t include enough sources in my information.  Something I will work on in the future!

Blog post checklists.  Judy provided a “Blog Post Checklist” through an image (think “shorter blog post”!) detailing all the things you should do before publishing a post.  There are so many that I’m not doing now and should be!

Blog Post Checklist

FarmNWife’s Blog Post Checklist

I follow many of these suggestions, but the ones I will include better in my posts are categorizing, calling to action, adding more links and keywords, and sharing each post better.  I’m still a little unwilling to promote my blog at this juncture because I feel I need to come up with more content beforehand, but I realize some people are satisfied with a single article.

Top mistakes beginners make.  My favorite and most informative teaching by Judy was “Top Mistakes Beginning Bloggers Make”.  There are so many I had not thought of before!  I was totally clueless about permalinks prior to reading this and will certainly go back and fix those on my blog.  Here’s her list of top beginner posting mistakes:

–        Not setting permalinks
–        Using click here for a link
–        Not key wording images
–        Large blocks of text
–        Making it hard to comment or share
–        Not linking internally
–        Unable to contact

I think I fail at all of these except a couple.  I don’t feel I have an “interactive” blog with enough links.  I’ve learned a lot about blogs just through reading and subscribing to many, but I realize through this post that I’m not doing enough to promote and bolster my blog.  I love seeing links anytime I read anything, so this is one of the first things I’ll be changing in my blogs.  I think I’ll also remove the comment restriction I have on my blog.  I don’t like dealing with spam, but Judy makes the valid point that it’s easy to get rid of.  I also to get the keywording thing down, stat!

All-in-all I found her blog informative and useful for farmers, business owners and housewives alike!